Looks can be deceiving. When I first met my new client, he was dressed in black, held a cane in his hand and moved slowly. I wondered how he would have the energy to rehab his new home. When I saw his project, I thought it was a mishmash of a house without any redeeming features. I soon realized I was wrong on both accounts. I learned that my client had a recent back operation and was in recovery mode. A month later he was his spritely self, biking all over town and bouncing with energy. Best of all, I discovered he is a former adman with an eye for design and detail. His wife is a poet and garden enthusiast.


We chose to go with a modern mid-century look to match the design direction of the renovation. We first removed the tree and lawn to prep for one great garden. Next we took up the pavers and installed a staggered, bluestone front walkway to give the home more of an entrance.


We installed three of our custom signature corten boxes separated by beach pebbles to line the walkway. A red maple, hydrangeas and catmint offer a blast of color. Liriope will spread and provide a complete ground cover. Upright ilex and plump rhododendrons in the back will help to visually break up the front of the home.


The drab backyard was transformed into an urban get-away. We used a horizontal cedar fence to bring a sense of calm to the space.


Viburnum will hold their leaves through the winter and bear red berries come fall. Lacy hydrangeas surround the bluestone terrace while birch trees will offer shade in summer and winter interest.


Back at the front yard, we created another simple modern garden right on the street to frame the landscape. Client and house, transformed and terrific!


Thank you to the FF crew Lorena, Jane, Thiatyra, Luiz and Lucas our masons and magicians, Adam Cowell/artist, Antonio Pesce/architect.