“It’s a jungle!” said my client. Yes, it was a jungle of less than 300 SF and they wanted to add a lot…built in bench, table, water feature, plant beds, a new tree, swing, bluestone terrace, new fence, storage and more. How to pack it all in and make it work? Read on…


FF architect, Antonio Pesce, combined the client’s checklist in a modern and contained design.

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 4.00.54 PM.png

After the jungle was removed, the Netto masons went to work on a beautiful bluestone terrace.


Our creative carpenter Mike Souza, owner of Insulart, constructed a custom horizontal wood fence and a built-in mahogany bench.

IMG_5096 2.jpg

We added a plant bed above the bench and had Luciana from Perfect Touch stain the fence a transparent grey to complement the bluestone and the color of the home.


We added a cute storage shed in an unused space next to the stairs.


Irish moss brightens the space between the bluestone.


A metal edge defines the beds.


Wood, stone, metal and peastone work together to define a quiet space just steps from busy Cypress Street. All that we need is a table, standing swing and a tree in bloom!


Click Take a walk through Cypress garden and listen to the soothing sounds of the fountain.!

Thanks to the FF team-Luiz and Lucas for building the masonry foundation, Mike Souza, carpenter who can do anything we ask, Lorena, Thiayatra, and Jared, the plant team, Luciana the Perfect Touch painter, and Robeson, from Tier One who figured out how to bring electricity to a difficult space.