"Faith understood that this is an art institution and created a design that cleverly integrates the idea of craft into the natural environment.  They hit the nail on the head."

 — Wyona Lynch-McWhite, Executive Director, Fuller Craft Museum

"If you want to see your landscape transformed, work with Faith Michaels! Our urban garden, until a few years ago a barren and forlorn place, is now a marvelous lush and compelling urban oasis. Faith is wonderful to work with, sensitive to her client's interests and needs, and unfailingly inventive in her determination to provide what her client hopes for."

— Betsy Shure-Gross, (Founding Member, National Association for Olmsted Parks, GreenSpace Alliance Board member), Brookline, MA

“Faithful Flowers breathed new life into our aging home. We had an existing plan from years ago that had been gathering dust. They’ve updated and improved those plans to fit our current needs. The entrance to our home is now spectacular. I'm thrilled!”

— Jackie, Newton, MA

“I cannot thank you enough for fitting it into your schedule without proper notice. We spent all Friday evening (rehearsal dinner) and Sunday (brunch for out-of-towners which extended from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.!!!) in the yard and the compliments never let up. Why we didn’t do more with the gardens before I’ll never understand. But they’re wonderful now and will give us endless enjoyment.”

— Christina, Brookline, MA

“As I walk to work each day this week, I've walked through the side yard just to admire it. The color and texture combination of our upper slope is just so lovely. Jewel like. The vegetable garden so orderly and cute in its early stages. The roses are so quickly blossoming and the enticing ravine…What a wonderland.”

— Jen, Brookline, MA

“Thank you so much for your tireless and inspired work in our garden. I LOVE it and now have a new appreciation for my beautiful home. It is all that I could have hoped for.”

 — Eve, Brookline, MA