From Spooky to Splendid! / by Faith Michaels

The client called the front of her house a bit "spooky."  We wanted to change all that with a warm inviting pathway and gardens leading to the front door.  Watch as the magic begins...

Here are some "before" photos of the home.  A cement walkway path leads to a crumbling landing.

The first order of business was to demo the landing and pathway (keeping the beautiful granite steps) and pull out the old ugly lights.  

Luiz and Lucas built a cobble cheek wall and began the granite apron.

Work begins on the landing.

It looks like it was always there!  Now on to the garden as Luiz works his way down the walkway.



Here's what the property looked like before.  Team Faithful Flowers removed old stumps, scraggily  bushes and the overgrown yew on the right.  We decided to keep a few important plantings like the three Spirea at the top, the Candytuft, Astilbe, and Bleeding heart.  We transplanted the Lilies and Hostas to other parts of the yard. The Japanese Maple was problematic.  It did not look at home there but we decided to leave it and see what it looked like in the new garden.  In the area where the yew was, we pulled out another garden bed stretching to the street.  That's the plan, wait till you see what's next!


So... First, we created a foundation of Rhododendron against the house. Behind those we installed a line of  White Annabelle Hydrangeas peeking their heads up over the rodys. We added more Astilbe, a punch of Foxglove and loads of blue Endless Summer Hydrangeas to bloom into late fall along with Stnecrop Seedum. The Japanese Maple finally began to look at home and find a place in the garden.



White daisies bring light and cheer into spaces and the perennial geranium with its little purple flowers line the drive. Butterflies dive right in for a drink!

Up on the left side, we selected a beautiful dwarf Sargent Crabapple to bring more height to the garden and hide a concrete edge.  More photos to come of the new rose garden and Luiz's progress on the walkway.

Today, Luiz and Lucas laid the walkway outline and cobble edge. Then they set the granite stairs.

The pathway is starting to take shape.

It's a giant puzzle that only Luiz knows how to fit together!