This Terrace is for Turkeys...REALLY!!! / by Faith Michaels

My longtime customers sold their large beautiful home and downsized to a historic condo. They had a small space in the backyard dedicated to a terrace area.  Unfortunately, it looked like this...a sad slab of concrete. Not an appealing area to relax after a long day at work.

The first thing we did was to create an inspirational drawing that enlarged the entertaining space and ringed the terrace with plantings to create the effect of being inside the garden.

Given the green light, we demolished the old concrete slab and installed Unilock pavers to keep costs down and to match existing onsite pavers.

The result, a quiet retreat hugged by hydrangea, shasta daisies, sedum, catmint, grasses and knockout roses.  Something is blooming all year long!  The turkeys challenged our photographer Peggy Stander for territory!

Now you know why this terrace is really for turkeys!