WHO’S BEHIND DOOR #2? / by Faith Michaels

Our client lives in a two family condo and though condo #1’s front door is clear, her condo was hidden off to the left side. She needed some curb appeal and a new walkway that designated the second residence. First order of business was to take out some old tired plantings and sick trees. Then, we built two new walkways and added colorful plantings to help define the two separate residences.


We added a trash barrel area and a big landing for strollers and Bikes.


A beautiful birch tree now defines the garden space and will bring vertical interest throughout the year.


A limelight hydrangea greets our client at the door and helps to hide those ugly bins!


A whole new experience to come home to and lots of nice compliments from all the neighbors!

Thanks FF Crew ( Lorena, Tiatyra and Jared )for all your hard work on this one!