She wanted a home sweet home.... / by Faith Michaels

A new client called me asking for help.  She lives with her son in a two family hidden away in Brookline Village.  The front of the house was full of weeds and sad looking.  I knew that in a few hours we could transform the front of her house to a sweet scene.


We weeded and leveled the garden and installed some old pavers to create a space for a dining table.  We then added window boxes and hanging planters to bring some color in to the space.  Yes, it was quick-it was inexpensive- and she was thrilled...

"Dear Faithful Flowers,                                                                                                                   Thank you so much for your expertise, efficiency, and creativity!!!  Long held dreams and wishes came true for us because of you and your crew! For years, I have longed for window boxes, hanging baskets, and arrangements in potted plants. But I do not have the time, knowledge, or talent! My son and I have long wanted to eat outside - without sitting on the steps of the front stoop. You made all this happen in just one day.You created a lovely, peaceful outdoor eating space for us; our home just got bigger and lovelier thanks to you and your crew. You also did a great job of being respectful with my budget. It was so resourceful and brilliant to repurpose the pavers for the table! 

By the way, the very first thing my son said to me when he woke up this morning was: "Oh Mommy! I'm so excited about the outside of the Mommy Home!"
I imagine that what you and your crew did was simple because of your skill and talent; but what you did for our home was profound and will be celebrated and appreciated for years! 
Feel free to share the above content with your crew. They were so professional, so nice, and did such a GREAT job!

Awww we love it when clients feel this way!