THE DOWNSIZERS / by Faith Michaels

I met a lovely Brookline couple who had recently sold their large home and downsized to a smaller space.  The described the beautiful garden and views from the old house and wanted to carve out a little oasis in the new.  Here's what it looked like when we arrived on the scene.


It was overgrown and downright ugly.  The first thing we did was to tear out most of the plantings but kept those that provided some structure.  Next, we made a peastone ring with a cobble edge around the front crabapple.  This provided a perfect place for all the client's bird feeders and kept the seed in check.

We brought in some nice shade plantings of Huchera, Hosta, Astilbe and added some Red Twig Dogwood and Holly. Next on the agenda was to create a line of Rhododendron and Azalea as you enter the property.  We added Coneflower, Twist and Shout Pink Hydrangea and Seedum for summer and fall color. Last of all we added a beautiful Venus Dogwood that will display showy white flowers come spring.

Meanwhile, around back, Luiz and Lucas were tearing up the grass to install a new bluestone terrace.

 The only challenge was that the clients had brought a big load or irregular bluestone from their old house and old projects.  They wanted us to use as much as we could.  So, Luiz and Lucas set about to piece together a great big puzzle...

And here's the review from my wonderful client...

Dear Faith,                                                                                                                                                             You are making us so very happy.  The whole place is transformed!  Thank you and please thank your wonderful team so very much.  And wow, do I love the words “under budget” - the best.