A Chestnut Hill Puzzle / by Faith Michaels


Our first visit to the site was a bit of a puzzle. What to do with this rather blank canvas? The clients needed more entertaining space, a grill landing and a cozy couch area. Landscape architect, Steve Woods designed a space that fits together just like a puzzle.


We built a beautiful mahogany deck at the far end of the bluestone masonry. Tucked into the wood and stone, is a custom steel corten box filled with grasses, catmint and coneflowers just waiting to pop with color!


Oversized mahogany plant containers hide window wells and bring the garden right into the space. The home awaits a new coat of paint, some comfy deck furniture and some great entertaining.

IMG_2665 2.jpg

Thank you to the Faithful Flowers crew, masons, Luiz and Lucas Netto, carpenter, Mike Souza and LA, Steve Woods, and Artist Adam Cowell who made the incredible corten planter!