A Circular Story / by Faith Michaels

When I first visited this property, I was struck by how beautifully the inside of the home had been furnished. The decor truly reflected the cool, modern vibe of my client’s aesthetic. While they had concentrated on making the inside and backyard stunning, the front was still waiting for its turn. These things take time. They were now ready to come home to a symphony of color and our job was to make it happen.


The home had two old paver walkways. The first thing we did was to take them out, add one big bluestone walkway, and repair the broken landing and step.

The old walkway…

The old walkway…


The center circle was unbalanced. The large pine, dwarf yew, and dogwood were fighting for space. The house number was tacked to a misshaped stone . We knew this could all be remedied with a little elbow grease and some new plantings.


We picked out the perfect boulder and added an engraved numeral. By transplanting existing material and adding a soft hill of rhododendrons, we balanced out the circle. A swath of shasta daisies, catmint and grasses now greets the homeowners at the driveway edge. Red and pink astilbes add a pop of color in the interior.


The new front gardens are filled with colorful plant material that will fill in and bloom from the spring through the summer. We dedicated the garden to the right of the mudroom to roses and lupine. Lacy quickfire hydrangeas greet visitors at the front door. We added six mature trees to the property as well as azaleas, coneflowers, phlox, penstemon, itea, twist and shout hydrangeas, and Dragon Lady ilex.


Thanks to Lucas and Luis who restored the landing and built the new walkway and Antonio Pesce/Architect. Thank you to my team of women(Lorena, Tia and Jane) who literally moved boulders to make it all happen!